Free Melbourne couple portrait photography

Shoot me for free, One Fine Day collection:

Interested in a Melbourne  One FINE day, FREE couple portrait session?

( One FINE day is the name of my new ‘ Fine ART Collection.’ )

To celebrate your love, if your newly engaged or have been together for a while feel free to contact me with your story. I want to collect and tell as many love stories as I can.

My portrait photo sessions are normally valued at $650, The ‘One FINE day’  session will have some limitations compared to my full portrait packages, however as you will see below they are an amazing opportunity to get access to  FREE professional Fine Art portrait photography.

Now let us get started by finding out how we can create some amazing imagery together. 

(I have a very limited amount of free photo sessions to give away. So please refer below before applying.)

Are you a child of the 80’s; A fan of Voltron, Do you harbour a particular obsession for Frankie magazine, Are you in love with vinyl, Do you have an interesting love story,  Are you an artist, actor or dancer ? Or maybe non of the above, every one I meet are special and unique in their own way. Send me an email with your story.

I am looking for people, humans in love, journeying together in this crazy thing called life. 

Melbourne couple portrait photography


It is NOT about being super good-looking, famous, or secretly ‘ a crime fighter by night ‘….  I just love to meet  interesting new people and tell their story/ It is what I do. It is my passion.

— ONLY a limited amount of FREE photo sessions are available. —

I always love to hear how people meet and fall in love. With every new person or couple I photograph I am reminded of how many amazing people are out there. Their stories just waiting to be told.

You might think you are normal, ordinary, maybe even a little boring but everyone has an element of difference; If you’re a couple with a story, I want to hear from you. It doesn’t matter whereabouts you are in Australia. You might be 19, in the city and in love or 80 living in the country.


Melbourne couple portrait photography


Keep in mind, this is a way for me to share my style, experience and passion for photography and storytelling. I like to ensure my style of photography suits you and that we will be comfortable working together. I like to keep it natural, relaxed and candid, Typically leaning toward using natural light and locations.

My style isn’t for everyone, however if you love something a little different, arty and maybe even a bit hipster add to that a tiny bit of craziness, be sure to hit me up.

Every photo session is an experiment for NEW ideas, to create something unique…>>>>


Melbourne couple portrait photography


Terms & Conditions:

*Photo shoots will typically take place at my location in Southbank. ( Exceptions may be made and might incur a travel fee )

*45min coverage allowed for the shoot.

*Monday to Thursday bookings only.

*After works hours late afternoon & night shoots are available.

*Couple portrait session (limit of 2 people per session.)

*No USB key provided, photos will be available in high resolution, for downloading only.

*15 images will be supplied fully edited.

*A downloadable web gallery of high res images supplied, no water marks. So yes you can get them printed where ever you like.

*Additional editing is not included. But they will all be edited as per my filmic colour grading.

*There is no next day editing. As you can imagine, my paid work will have to take preference, so please allow time to receive your images.

*All film negatives and digital files remain the property of Nicholas Joel Photography, and may be used by the studio for advertising or any other purpose thought appropriate. The images are usually used on but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and my blog. I also like to add and tag you in the photo, to help it pop-up in you friends social media feeds and generate word of mouth for my business. ( If you are not comfortable with this and would like a more private approach, this is fine however you will need to enquire for a paid portrait session)

*Only a limited number of FREE photo shoots available.

*Not redeemable for cash.

Please note: During busy season I may not get a chance to write back I do apologies for this.



Melbourne couple portrait photography

Applying for this free portrait session:



Include a brief story. How you met, are you newly engaged ? how did the proposal go? or how did you first meet? as well any other relevant information you would like to share with me.

Include in an email or Pinterest wall, some of your favourite photos from my blog and Instagram in order for me to organise my shooting style and images to suit your preferences:


Melbourne couple portrait photography




Please note that I receive many emails regarding my free portrait photo sessions.

I apologise should I miss an opportunity to reply to your email, however I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work.




Good luck & thank you again for your interest…

-Nicholas J