Family portrait South yarra, Melbourne Victoria

What is your story ? How did you meet ?

“We met on a church trip to Africa.”

“I first saw her through the crowd as I was singing on stage it was as if time stood still and she was the only one in the room.”

“It was serendipity; we met at train station in Germany, only for a moment, then years later at a wedding in Australia. We have been together ever since.”

”We grew up together, our families were close, we fell in love at 17 that was 30 years ago she is the best thing that ever happened to me.” 

Your story embodies what I love about life, it is why I do what I do, every story is different and deserves it’s own unique approach.

Welcome to my passion.

Let me experience your story, whether it is a love story of two people or the tale of your family, from the first email to a portrait session or wedding day and beyond.   Your story began long before I met you and will last long after the click of the shutter. As the seasons pass the time moves on from generation to generation your story can be remembered through the imagery composed as I partner with you to create a representation of your love as you navigate together.

After years of perfecting my art; driven for my passion of people, photography and story telling, I have developed into a photojournalistic fine art photographer. No matter how we decide to approach your story; I want to be there to create something unique.

My J O U R N E Y.

I have photographed weddings & portraits for the past 8 years, predominantly in Sydney, The Hunter Valley & New Zealand. I have experienced a full range of emotions taking part in some amazing love stories, these locations will always be held dear to my heart along with the memories  of the  amazing couples I have befriended along the way. However, after documenting some amazing Melbourne weddings & family portraits in December of 2014, I have fallen in love with Victoria and decided to move to Melbourne over 2016.

couple portrait at the beach sunset stkilda


In my investment section I have my Portrait & family sessions in full detail as per the information below, with an overview of my wedding pricing ( to give you a ball park idea of costing ) however if you want to inquire regarding a more in-depth look at my weddings prices please contact me via my contact form.


As a rule of thumb my weddings costing is priced at:

$350 per hour + $100 travel

For one photographer with all the images supplied and edited in high-resolution.

As I limit my weddings to 35 weddings per year I do book up quickly please contact me with your information and we can go from there.

Family and couple portrait session.

To start off you need to know what you are looking for in a photographer. There are many types of photographers, but to keep it simple I’ll break it down into two types.

Traditional studio model and photojournalistic boutique model, myself being the latter; What I would call a  "traditional" photographer studio setup operates similar to the below method.

Typically you pay a 'viewing fee' lets say $150 or you receive a "FREE" photo session, which usually just waves the viewing fee... it doesn't include prints or high-resolution photos.

Then you have your portrait session captured at their studio.

Next you sit down and get "up sold" on prints, rather than access to the high-resolution photos. While $150 sounds cheap access to the prints will usually be well over $1200.

*I'm not saying this is bad, its just the process you can expect. Cost of good quality prints are high.

Typically with these setups you'll be given a studio photographer with limited experience, they do the same lighting setup for all their photoshoots and the same poses and composition in their photos. (simply put they shoot to a run sheet to keep consistency) for every customer. Kind of like a Mcdonald's of photography in a way.

Where  my style differs, I like to keep everything personal to my clients telling their individual story, keeping the locations and style unique (rather than giving you the exact same cookie cutter job as my last client.)

This method is creatively harder on me taking more skill as a photographer to properly tackle, however I find it helps me create a superior more intimate product.

As well I don't focus on up selling prints, rather you have the access to your images and can get them printed where you like.


All of my clients are unique, so my pricing is very customizable;


Base pricing:

$350 Per hour.

Included in my hourly rate, all the images will be supplied via a download link. The images will be edited in high resolution and you can take your images to be printed at a print lab of your choice.

$150 Travel.

Travel fee applies for locations up to 120 minutes from Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria. Locations further than this might require an additional fee. It covers, parking toll’s, fuel etc 

If you are located in Southbank or South Yarra it will only require a $50 travel fee.


couple on the beach at sunset, portrait photography

Family & couple portrait packages:

One fine day.

90 minutes coverage.

Meet at your home.

All images supplied by a download link.

Free travel if you are with in 30 minutes of Southbank.

*Outside of this distance might incur a fee.



A walk by the sea.

2 hours coverage.

Location of your choice, travel included up to 120 minutes of Southbank.

*Outside of this distance might incur a fee.

All images supplied by a download link.

Fine art prints:

Two 8in x 12in



Family is every thing.

3 hours coverage.

Location of your choice, travel included up to 120 minutes of Southbank.

*Outside of this distance might incur a fee.

All images supplied by a download link.

Silver USB included.

Fine art prints:

Two 8in x 12in

One 16in x 20in







Additional add-ons:

$250 Photographers assistant.

These guy’s are great, they keep the shoot running on time as well help out with lighting or reflectors if required, if I have a lot of equipment to setup by myself it can add and hour or so two, to the shoot. They also save time shooting at various locations in the city – If I can’t get a park they can drop me off .


$150 Silver USB

– 16 Gig LaCie USB with all High resolution Images.

– Five 6 inch X 4 inch fine art prints.


$300 Gold USB vintage packaging. 

  • 4 Gig Decorative cork bottle USB with all the photos in miniJPEG.
  • 16 Gig LaCie USB with all High resolution Images.
  • Ten 6 inch X 4 inch fine art prints.
  • Two 8 inch X 12 inch fine art prints.
  • Wooden display box.


Fine art prints:

100% cotton archival matte paper, slightly warm with a subtle tooth / texture. It is a museum-grade, acid free paper that will last a lifetime. This paper has a bright white point with no optical brighteners. It offers deep blacks and beautiful colour graduation. Perfect for displaying your special moments.

8 inch X 10 inch   $60.00

8 inch X 12 inch   $56.00

11 inch X 12 inch $84.00

12 inch X 16 inch $108.00

16 inch X 20 inch $168.00

30 inch X 30 inch $308.00

Fine art album:

Fine art album 10 inch X 10 inch ( 40 sides )

Investment $1400

wedding album

wedding album fine art

wedding album

fine art wedding album

Melbourne wedding album

wedding album

wedding album

wedding album fine art

wedding album fine art

wedding album

wedding album

wedding album

wedding album fine art


Do you travel and where are you based?  

To knock on doors, look behind walls, walk in strange new places. I am forever passionate about  life. For me photography is about capturing the journey.

Based in Melbourne Australia, I travel where ever you require, both nation wide and internationally. Call and I will follow. I commonly photograph in Melbourne, Sydney, and The Hunter Valley .

How long until we receive our wedding photographs after our wedding?

One of my biggest commitments is to at least have a feature collection of images in your hands 3 weeks after your big day. With the rest shortly followed.

What is an E-Shoot?

I love the opportunity to capture work out side of the wedding day, some times we might use the couple photo shoot for styled photos before the day and get you accustomed to being in front of the camera it also helps build rapport with myself . These photos are sometimes used with Hair and makeup trails as well invitations.

Or you might opt for a post wedding shoot. Where we meet up and do fine Art images after the wedding. This is great to relieve the time pressure of your wedding day and try more unique locations.

Can we meet, what is the booking process?

These days more often than not I meet via phone or Skype after works hours on a weekday, then in person at the e-shoot, as it seems more convenient for people. However we can also meet in person at Magenta (just outside of The Entrance) if thats preferable I have some Sundays available.

Do you have specific photographers you work with, when including a second photographer?

Yes I have a select few, amazing second photographers, I commonly work with. They own and run their own wedding photography businesses.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I require a $500 retainer.

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