Natalie & Aaron | Melbourne portrait photography

Natalie & Aaron.

A Couple portrait session in South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.

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Photographed in the nice soft afternoon light, walking the back streets of South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria; I absolutely love the availability of the textured walls and amazing lane ways we uncover on our adventure. I typically like to meet with my couples, have a chat and go for a walk, as the photo-session unfolds your personalities shine.  Every one is unique, accompanied with different personalities, style and stories; I truly believe your story is beautiful, sometime its the every day things that make our life worth living. I like to let your story guide me, as to how I compose my angles, use light to document your story. Every photo session it an EXPERIMENT, an opportunity to uncover a unique moments; Which can be turn into an art work for you to remember forever.

I first heard from Natalie and Aaron, when Natalie contacted me to photograph their Melbourne wedding; Unfortunately I was unavailable for their special day, however I did get a chance to meet up and do a portrait session. While documenting their story I got to learn more about their journey how they met, why they love each other and advice on having a great relationship; I never get tired of learning more about people, especial the story behind family and couples, where their journey began.

Q & A – with Natalie.

How did you meet?
We met at Bang! nightclub in Feb 2013 – I saw Aaron across the room while his friend’s band was playing and it was love at first sight.
In true teenage girl fashion I made a friend ask a guy he was with, if he had a girlfriend, he didn’t so I went and tried to put on the charm. It wasn’t love at first sight for him sadly, but after a year of trying to make him fall in love with me he finally did!

What do you love about each other?

Natalie: His creativity, tenacity and his 12 year old boy humour.
Aaron: I love that I can’t imagine a better time than being around Natalie, picking on her, annoying her and knowing that she will still love me back more than anything else.

Do you have any funny relationship stories?

I don’t think that we’ve got any stories that are super funny – but I do laugh now about how clumsy I was around Aaron when we first met. I was so nervous around him for a good 6 months that couldn’t walk in a straight line without running into something or falling all over myself.

How did you become engaged & married?

Aaron had a few failed proposal plans before he just decided to take me out to a nice dinner with our closest friends, he ended up taking me past a wall that he’d started painting his proposal on (before he was shooed away by grumpy locals) and just got down on one knee. We’d picked out my engagement ring together a few months earlier while we were on holiday in New York, so I knew that it was coming sometime soon but he still managed to surprise me.
We were married a few months later in a very intimate 9 guest ceremony at The Fitzroy Garden. We followed that with dinner at our favourite restaurant in Melbourne CBD – Father’s Office, and then headed out for celebratory cocktails with our nearest and dearest friends.

Any marriage advice you can offer?

Just enjoy each other, and be grateful for each other at every possible opportunity. We thank our lucky stars everyday that we have each other.