Dan & Terri | St Kilda – Melbourne Victoria Australia.


A light rain hung like a mist in the summer morning air, this change in weather brought an end to a busy weekend of weddings in Sydney city and made for a good transition into the start of another Melbourne adventure. Like every other destination wedding it began with planning plane tickets, accommodation and hire cars etc. I made my way through the hustle and bustle of Sydney traffic to arrive for my 10.00am Monday morning flight to Melbourne.

After 37 hours of Sydney weddings over the previous two days, I looked eagerly forward to my time at the airport, I actually find it a good place to get some work done undisturbed.

In town for a wedding in St Kilda at the end of the week, I had so many ideas I wanted to try. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the trip that would help me decide to move and base my business in Melbourne, an ongoing journey that I am excited to see fulfilled.

Dan and Terri met overseas in Ibiza, after a whirlwind 4 weeks it was time for Dan to return home to Australia. They kissed goodbye and parted ways, however they both knew something had changed, but with life commitments to stick to Dan returned home.

A few days later Terri had returned to normal life, when the phone rang, it was Dan on the other end. “I’m coming back to get you” he said simply. And he did. This set in motion a love that profoundly shaped both of their lives.

The week in short: The bride and groom were amazing to deal with. We met for breakfast, had an e-shoot in Brunswick, experienced the Melbourne night markets and spent a night out on the town (I literally mean an entire night. Home time 7.00am.)

I love what I do, the people I meet, the friends I make, and the journeys I am fortunate to take part in.

Nicholas Joel


Canid Melbourne wedding photography

Canid Melbourne wedding photography

Canid Melbourne wedding photography