I am an artist, a son, a friend, a story teller, a family member; I appreciate time spent laughing with friends and family. Traveling to faraway places and always challenging my limits;  After a long and winding journey this has become my life's narrative; Ever growing increasingly aware of the beauty in ordinary everyday life, in every little microscopic fleeting moment, its the journey not the destination you will look back on. My passion is to document these priceless moments with imagery;I like to ask questions, find out who you are and connect with your story. 

Fascinated by humanity and all the moments that shape us. I sit and wait, until that perfect moment appears. I hold my breath, tighten my posture, maintain focus and when the moment is right, I activate the shutter release.

The right moment can't be setup or faked, only Experienced.

A romantic at heart I find myself blessed to be surrounded by love every weekend. I truly appreciate the beauty of two people coming together to start a family.

In pursuing a life’s passion of photo journalistically documenting  humanity. I present to you the ability to look back in time again and again, experiencing your beautiful cherished moments,  displayed as fine art photography.

Investment overview:

My When Harry Met Sally package from $ 3250 

10 hrs coverage.

All images in high resolution.

All of my packages are very customizable and every wedding  is unique, 

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Your STORY is important to me, How did you meet ?

“ We met on a church trip to Africa. ”

“ I first saw her through the crowd as I was singing on stage, it was as if time stood still and she was the only one in the room.”

“ It was serendipity; we met at train station in Germany, only for a moment, then years later at a wedding in Australia. We have been together ever since.”

” We grew up together, our families were close, we fell in love at 17 that was 30 years ago, she is the best thing that ever happened to me.” 

Your story embodies what I love about life, it is why I do what I do, every story is different and deserves it’s own unique approach.... welcome to my passion.

 Let me experience your love story from the first email, to the couple photo shoot, to the wedding day and beyond.   Your story began long before I met you and will last long after the click of the shutter. As the seasons pass the time moves on from generation to generation your story can be remembered through the imagery composed as I partner with you to create a representation of your love as you begin a  life together.

After years of perfecting my art; driven for my passion of people, photography and storytelling, I have developed into a photojournalistic fine art photographer.

No matter how we decide to approach your day; I want to be there to create something unique.

look back on today with fond memories and joy in your heart.

Come Journey with me.